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If you are after Caribbean scenery with water background and incomparable sunsets, the destination is only one … the Congas beach bar in Molyvos on the island of Lesvos. It is one of the island’s hottest spots during the summer season (May – September)! “Draped” in wood and palm leaves and slightly and “mystically” decorated (you have the impression that the Mayans have passed by), it will be impossible not to remind you of a beach in the Caribbean.
Here you will sample flavoursome “fast food” dishes; you will drink anything from coffee and beers to virtuous cocktails created by expert bartenders, and dance until the early morning hours to the sounds of reggae and Cuban music as well as to selected funky and house beats.

Go for an early morning swim in the sea and then enjoy a coffee and fine breakfast throwing all your concerns away into the deep blue sea! Conga beats, the well known Cuban drum beats, will be coming from the sound boxes, while we are not running short of live gigs…

And if time passes and your appetite grows bigger, open the plentiful dinner menu and you will discover that, here, there is not only food to “appease” your hunger, but also to fully satisfy it.  Fresh salads, tasty sandwiches, desirable pasta dishes as well as a selection of sweet temptations, such as crepes, waffles and a variety of ice-cream flavors, will… provoke you…

In the evening, off to Congas again… Enjoy the sun while it sets into the sea giving its way to the half moon with one of our most imaginative cocktails made with fresh fruits. Our wine & champagne, Caribbean, old fashion, classics, martini and surprise cocktails – which are suggested by the bartenders themselves – are sure to impress you…

Source: www.congas.gr Find out more about this nice bar by visiting the official website.

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